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    What is Hemp

    Cannabis sativa
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    The Hemp Plant Hemp is part of the cannabis family that includes all varieties that contain negligible amounts of THC, the chemical in “marijuana” which is psychoactive and gets you...

    CBD might improve memory function

    CBD improve memory
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    Study shows CBD might improve memory function Published September 10, 2020 | By James Hale One of the most hackneyed cliches about cannabis use – “stoner” memory failure – might...

    4 Ways Hemp Could Build A More Eco-Friendly Economy

    hemp is an eco-friendly alternative
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    Hemp is more than the plant behind CBD: It's also the eco-friendly alternative to some of the biggest pollutants of modern time. Hemp can serve as an eco-friendly alternative to...

    CBD may be powerful nootropic by boosting brain blood flow

    cannabis plant
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    Study finds CBD may be powerful nootropic by boosting brain blood flow Brittany A. Roston - Aug 16, 2020, 6:15 am CDT A new study from University College London found...

    Should CBD become a part of your wellness routine ?

    local farm
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    CBD become a part of your wellness routine (CNN)Elana Frankel had retreated to bed rest for a year, having been shocked out of modern life with a traumatic brain injury....

    Golfers Embrace CBD

    golfers love hemp
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    Golfers Embrace CBD, Even as Its Gentility Is Questioned PGA and Champions Tour players have become more vocal about using CBD to treat their ailments since the compound was removed...

    NEHF Brings CBD Here

    Westport hemp shop
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    High-level lacrosse took a toll on Colin Bannon’s body. The 2013 Staples High School graduate went on to star at Endicott College: 4-year varsity starter, 3-time All-American. But after majoring...

    Brand Spotlight

    hemp filed farmers
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    By Rebecca Deforest New England Hemp Farm Brand Spotlight I love the stories of brands that originate on the farm and evolve to direct to consumer products made from their...

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