" I love New England Hemp Farm CBD products not for what they make me feel but for what they help me not feel!  When I use their tinctures and gummies my anxiety melts away and I feel great. And, I love my hemp farmer tee!!"

Rikki Conte, New York, NY

"New England Hemp Farm's 500mg relief rub has been a complete game changer for me. I have had chronic shoulder pain which really affected my sleep and since I have started using their tinctures and the relief rub I am sleeping through the night with no pain for the first time in years!"

Colin Bannon, Westport, Ct

"I am 56 years old and I have been struggling with knee pain for years but since I started using New England Hemp Farm's 500mg relief rub and their gummies I have gone from planning my knee replacement to playing lacrosse in a men's league - pain free!"

Jim Bauer, Newton, CT

So I retired from ‘Corporate America’ recently and began a part time job doing what I love…landscaping.  However, the arthritis in my fingers was making it a painful experience.  I started taking New England Hemp Farm CBD full spectrum 500 mg drops about 2 weeks ago…and my fingers feel so much better.  I worked outside yesterday for 4 hours (cleaning a brick patio)  and absolutely NO pain in my fingers.  I’m so happy that I can now continue to do what I LOVE.  

MJ, Middletown CT

"Change isn't the easiest thing for me so moving to NYC and starting a new job came with some anxiety. On top of that, I had to get ACL surgery. NE Hemp lotion and gummies have helped alleviate both emotional and physical pain and I can't wait to try some other products as well. So thank you NE Hemp Farm!"

Maggie, NYC

"I love the lotion. It makes my arms, legs, and face shine! Thank you so much! 

Meme, From Sea Island

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