I love the stories of brands that originate on the farm and evolve to direct to consumer products made from their hemp crops. Everything starts with what they grow and evolves from there to serve their customers.

In this way, you know the products you are getting are made of love, for what else goes into the hard work of farming to bring forth a crop that contains the level of scrutiny that hemp receives?

Since Connecticut legalized hemp crops in 2019, that’s exactly the direction that New England Hemp Farm is heading in. Their first crop of hemp resulted in a wonderful hemp flower product known as Canterbury Crush.

And it is their intention to grow their hemp based product line from there, of course, that is once they’ve solved all their growing pains. I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian, the co-founder and a huge CBD proponent.

When I asked him about the brand’s core values, the origin story – what led to your starting New England Hemp Farm, he talked about how CBD worked wonders for him.

He is now a daily consumer, using his full spectrum CBD tinctures to feel good and to get rid of medications he doesn’t want to take. That belief in and experience of the benefits of CBD led to the development of these values.